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Aloha and welcome to our Mo'okuauhau or genealogy website! First and uppermost, please be 
advised that access to private data is restricted and enforced by Access Code and available to 
individuals related by blood ties. NOTE: Adjustments and clarifications as to who we allow access 
to have been clarified to mean: direct blood ties to REINHARDT ohana.  Please feel free to contact 
us by clicking on SEND A MESSAGE above, with your access inquiries, etc.
In addition---to your immediate right-side of this column, are USEFUL LINKS, which directs you to 
other ohana members sites or links to popular or well established genealogical research sites, etc. 
Please be advised, these links are NOT AFFILIATED with ours and therefore are offered only as 
additional Research or Entertainment Tools---that you may or may not utilize as an option, or at 
your discretion.

As not to compromise personal data---since inception, our policy adheres to listing life event 
dates (birth, marriage, death, etc.) for ancestors who are DECEASED. Lastly, conduct your 
search by typing the name of your ancestor or decendant, by their given or birth names in the 
search blank, then click on FIND. Selecting VIEW on the Menu will give you options to conduct your 
search by Tree, Family, Ancestors, Descendants, Kin, Reports, or Print beautiful Charts, etc. That, 
being said---we are the descendants of: 

WILLIAM EDWARD REINHARDT,SR., who was born in San Francisco, California.  William was the son 
of Frederick Reinhardt and Johanna Louisa Schneider, immigrants from Wurrtemberg and Hanover or 
Little Saxony, Germany.  Frederick and Johanna were already married when they migrated to the USA 
with their parents and siblings in the year, 1850.

CHARLES AUGUST SCHNEIDER  was the first to set foot in the islands on our German side of the 
family. He first worked the plantations in Hamoa, Hana side of Maui. He settled in Kuiaha, then 
subsequently, his nephew, William Reinhardt, Sr., our Great Grandfather, came to join his uncle in 
1876. William also worked for the plantation and eventually met and married our Great Grandmother,
a native Hawaiian, HANA KA'IANUI KALAULI.
KALANINUIOHAHA KAUPA , Hana's mother was first married to Hana's father, Abela Kalauli, then 
she married husband #2, Edward Ned Krueger, the biological father of  Tutu THOMAS H. KRUEGER.  
So, our Great Grandmother, or Tutu Hana Reinhardt and Tutu Tom Krueger,were half brother and 
sister.  The Reinhardts and the Kruegers 'ohana are huge!  As are, the 'ohana on our Kaupa and 
Ka'ianui side of the family!  We are related to the SAFFERYS, as our Grandmother Sarah Reinhardt and
Tutu Louise Ah Lan Saffery, were half sisters. Our extended ohana includes the LONGS, HUSSEYS, 
KAILIPONIS, KAMAHALOS, KAPAHEES and ties to CARVALHOS, to name just a few! Our families are related 
through ties with our ancestor Tutu KAIANUI.  

We have Family Histories on our German and Hawaiian sides, also stories shared by our kupuna 
'ohana members. Click on PEOPLE on the Home Page main Menu, then select STORIES. 
along with her two siblings, enjoyed a childhood, escorted around town, in their tailor made 
clothes, on horse drawn carriages to breakfast every morning at a local diner, prior to being 
carted off to and from school. Do read their story, called Kaniuhele Early Childhood.

One tracking we are most proud to share, is one found on one of our earliest ancestors  KAOUPEALII, 
who was born in Tahiti in the year 0039!  Likewise, another interesting story under PEOPLE, as 
shared by the son of KALANIALII, involving pohaku or stones at Mala Beach on the island of Maui, 

This database, mainly traces our Hawaiian koko (blood) of our Genealogy, copies of legal palapala 
or court documents, vital records of our ancestors and photos----which are housed in our MEDIA section. 
Some of these documents have been invaluable in assisting our ohana. Case in point, Tutu Apela Kaupa's 
Last Will and testament, a makana or gift, shared by ohana Henry Maio, has made it possible for our ohana
to apply for and was granted Kuleana Tax Exemption!

Our ohana genealogy data bank is extensive!  Our research and entries is an on-going feat.  We 
continue to welcome your input, update or submittal of photos, upcoming life events, etc. that you 
or your ohana would like to share and post. 

We are blessed when we hear stories from our keiki who have gotten A's in their genealogical 
homework assignments---citing their ancestors data from our website!  A couple of our keiki even 
chanted their kumulipo in class, awright!  And still, many of you have always heard that you were
related to so and so, but auwe---nobody knew the connection perhaps?  But now, with the advent of 
technology access, we hope your taking this first step of this journey with us, will eventually 
lead you to enlightenment of your kuauhau or genealogy.  The outcome, we hope you will gain, 
perhaps will lead to a sense of belonging, if not closure, for some of you.  Welcome "home"...
with that being said...we wish you peace and aloha.

Disclaimer: The Maui Reinhardt Ohana, makes no representations, warranties, or 
assurances as to the availability, accuracy, currency, or completeness of this site 
or its contents. The Maui Reinhardt Ohana shall not be liable for any damages or 
injury resulting from your access to, inability to access, or use of this site, 
including, without limitation, any damages or injury arising from any links to other 
sites contained within or referred to in this site.

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